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Apply for Online Loan – Up to SEK 30,000

Our goal is to offer the market’s best and safest quick loan. Here you can apply for flexible account credits with the possibility of raising your credit limit and extending the loan up to 30 days after the due date. The total duration is between 1 up to 12 months. You decide for yourself how you want to install the partial payment so that it flaps with your finances as well as whether you want to use a running credit or take out the entire sum like a quick loan.

You can get a credit of SEK 30,000 upon first application, however, you can only use as a new customer
SEK 10,000 the first few months. If every month payment is handled as it should, your credit limit can be raised up to a total of SEK 30,000.

Express credit, account credit up to SEK 1,000 – SEK 30,000:

  • No UC required ( Creditsafe used )
  • Extend maturity up to 30 days extra
  • Unsecured credit loans
  • Message directly, BankID or copy of passport / driver’s license / ID is approved


Payment and credit check

Payment and credit check

Payment is made during  opening hours, which are weekdays between 8:00 – 18:00. If you apply for a weekday before 9:30 am the money is in the account no later than 11:30 the same day, you apply before 13:30 you have access to the credit no later than 17:00 (applies to you who are connected to Nordea and Danske Bank ). Will the application be sent in and handled after 10 pm 13:30 payout to your account next week-free weekday.

No UC control is performed , which means that the loan can be approved even if you have many UC requests and that it is easier to get approved on already ongoing credit. There is also a left to live analysis that compiles your income and expenses, this is done to get a calculated answer to how big your credibility is to repay the loan. Payment notes are not approved.


Interest and expenses

Interest and expenses

Flexible loans amounting to SEK 1,000 – 30,000 can be amortized monthly or paid in advance. The minimum monthly cost is from 6% of total debt or SEK 350. The first month also includes a set-up fee of SEK 320, and at each withdrawal a withdrawal fee of SEK 49 is deducted on your upcoming invoice where the newspaper fee is 35: -. Effective interest rate calculated on 12 months is between 51.95 – 77.75%. The sum is automatically deducted via direct debit on the 28th every month.

Requirements for you as a borrower

  • At least 18 years +
  • No payment notes
  • Registered in Sweden & Swedish citizens
  • No current liabilities at KFM
  • Remains to live analysis
  • Bank login, ID copy or SMS code
  • Extend maturity
  • Fixed monthly rate

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