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Bilaspur (representative of New Dunia). A coal trailer is stuck on the Sendri national road with a flat tire. At one o’clock in the evening, a high-speed truck hit from behind. The truck driver died instantly in the accident. Upon receiving the information, Koni police arrived at the scene and transferred the driver’s body to Sims. The autopsy of the body was carried out on Saturday morning with the arrival of relatives.

Umendra Kumar Yadav’s father, Vineshar Yadav (40), a resident of Patna in Bihar, was driving a truck. Late on Saturday night, they were driving Korba’s truck towards Bilaspur at high speed. Reached Sendri at one o’clock in the evening. In the meantime, the truck hit the trailer which was on the side of the road. The front of the truck was damaged in the crash.

The driver was stuck in the cabin. He died instantly. After receiving the information, the Koni police went to the scene and opened an investigation. After working for hours, the driver’s body was found. Then the sims were sent.

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After the incident, the police informed the relatives of the driver of the deceased. On Saturday morning, relatives arrived in Bilaspur and took away the corpse after the autopsy. The accused trailer driver is on the run after the incident.

Efforts to limit accidents on the highway with the help of only two patrol vehicles

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The traffic police have only two patrol vehicles to monitor vehicles parked on highways. Two vehicles travel 24 km. The extent of highway roads in the district is 50-60 km. In such situations, highway patrol officers find it difficult to monitor vehicles parked on the side of the road.

It does not stop accidents. In two years in the district, 225 accidents have been caused by overtaking vehicles parked on the side of the road. 75 of them died. More than 110 people were seriously injured. Cyclists, from cyclists to car and truck drivers, are prone to accidents. The police department began installing highway patrol vehicles to prevent accidents. But due to the large area, monitoring is not possible.

Accidents caused by a single driver

Many vehicle owners drive single-driver vehicles to save money. Long distances, i.e. 24 hours of driving, tire drivers. Other than that, sleep is not complete. Drivers are unable to relax to deliver the goods on time. Driving at night makes you sleepy. For this reason, they are unable to pay attention to vehicles on the road. For this reason, road accidents occur. The Traffic Department and RTO take no action against owners of single-driver vehicles.

The risk of accidents is high here

Mopka Chowk

Cars speed past on both sides of the road at the Mopka intersection. There are no vehicles to be seen as shops, carts and stalls are open on both sides of the road. There is no plank around. There is a risk of an accident.

Beltara’s Black Spot

Due to the lack of speed bumps and rubber bands on the main road, traffic accidents happen here every day. Here too, no special measures have been taken to prevent accidents. Due to Korba and Deepka, road accidents happen every day.

Bahtrai Chowk Sarkanda

Here too two roads meet. Since there are shops on both sides of the road, there is no one coming from the front. Here too, the speed breakers must be installed on both sides. No provision has been made for traffic control.

Ratanpur Saturday Market

Road accidents occur near Shanichari Bazar on Ratanpur Marg due to lack of speed bumps and information boards. Due to shiny road construction from Bilaspur to Ratanpur, Katghora to Korba, drivers drive at high speed.

Many died within two years

Collision with parked vehicles

Year —– Death —– Injured

2020 —– 18 —– 27

2021 —– 14 —– 17

Overcome the dangers

Year —– Accident —– Death —– Injured

2020 —– 127 —– 42 —– 69

2021 —– 95 —– 30 —– 33

He said-

The highway has two patrol vehicles to monitor vehicles parked on the side of the road. Both put tape on vehicles parked in their respective areas at night to prevent any accidents. We do our best to prevent accidents.

Rohit Kumar Baghel, ASP Traffic Bilaspur

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