A woman drives a mobility scooter on a busy highway


MEMPHIS, Tenn (WKRG) – A Scary Moment was filmed and broadcast live on Facebook in Memphis, Tennessee. But it was also a good deed that maybe saved a life.

Towanna Murphy posted the Facebook LIVE video while driving down a street in Memphis because she saw someone who looked like they were in trouble. The video shows an elderly woman on a mobility scooter in the middle of the roadway. “Mother, do you need help? Murphy said to the woman. The woman replied yes.

Murphy pulls his car behind the woman to protect her from traffic while trying to steer traffic on the busy street away from her “go around her” you hear Murphy yelling at other drivers including big trucks while it acts as a block.

But as Murphy tried to help, the situation only got worse, when the woman on the scooter turned to the Interstate 240 slip road. The woman entered the freeway. and begins to ride his scooter in highway traffic where speeds often exceed 70 miles per hour.

“Oh no” you can hear a child say in the background. Murphy tells the child to put his seat belt back on and yells at the woman to stop, to no avail.

Another driver then comes to her aid, pulling alongside the woman in an SUV, the two cars now protecting her from the danger of high-speed traffic behind and to the side. But the woman still refuses to stop. Finally, the flashing blue lights of a policeman appear on the screen. The officer is on the shoulder of the highway, he gets out of the car, walks past the woman and puts an end to his frightening scooter ride.

Murphy’s video went viral and she received a lot of well-deserved praise on social media for stepping up her help, “Towanna, you are my hero… what a blessing for this lady… God put you in the right place in the right place. moment… well done to you, “one person wrote. But there was no praise or even thank you from the woman she helped, in fact Murphy commented on her own post” and she was mean, and she insulted me and the police..lol..yall i was scared people called the police but continued.

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