Aust gives K25m for the Trans National Highway



Funding of K 25 million for the preparation of works of the national trans road to link the region of Mamose and Highlands to the central province was announced yesterday.

Australian Minister for International Development and Pacific Senator Zed Seselja during his visit to the country made the announcement at the Crossroads Hotel in Lae.

The event was attended by other senior Australian officials including Australian High Commissioner Jon Philp, Australian Consul General Lae Mark Foxe and PNG Ministers of State; Deputy Prime Minister Sam Basil, Minister of Public Works Michael Nali, Minister of Health Jelta Wong, Governor Morobe Ginson Saonu and Secretary of Public Works David Wereh.

Mr Seselja said the event was to officially kick off Australia’s support for the road infrastructure project.

“The financial support is intended for the preparation of the modernization project of the trans-national road, a stretch of road between 9 Mile (Lae) and Poiyu Junction (Menyamya) for about 189 km and it is an investment of 25 million K, “he said.

“This covers feasibility studies, data, design and procurement support and it will inform the Australian Pacific financing facilities through the Trans National Highway project through the Connect PNG.”

He said the highway is a top priority in the Connect PNG project and that Australia is happy to be associated with this very important project for the people of PNG.

“The Australian Government’s support for the Trans National Highway is further proof of the strong relationship we have and we would like to thank the Australian Government and the Australian people for the continued support given to PNG, in particular the support for the program. transport support. “, said Deputy Prime Minister Basil.

“The road is not only a means of transport, it is also vital for the socio-economic lifeline of the population. Roads are important for accessing goods and services, accessing agricultural products and we thank our development partner for their continued support ”,

Mr Nali said the government needed development partners like Australia and others to build the country’s infrastructure.

“For Australia to continue to help through the Transport Sector Support Program and Australian Aid Programs, the Australian people have supported us very much and we thank the Australian taxpayers for their support,” he said. he declares.


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