Cars pile up on national road after being hit by truck, 8 injured | Jaipur News



ALWAR: Eight people were injured after at least a dozen vehicles collided on the Jaipur-Delhi national road (NH-48) near Behror in Alwar district on Sunday evening.
Several cars on the highway have been reduced to piles of metal. According to the police, the injured are treated in different hospitals. Local police said the crash happened shortly after 10:30 p.m. when a truck crossing the highway began to wade, possibly due to excessive speed, and crashed into three different vehicles, including two cars. One of the cars that was struck by the truck then collided with another vehicle which turned onto the freeway before colliding with a rushing vehicle.
As vehicles began to pile up on the highway, traffic came to a screeching halt. “It was a multi-axle truck that triggered the pile-up on the highway. The first car the truck crashed into jumped off the divider and landed on a service road. The same truck crashed into another car which almost got stuck between the divider and the truck, ”an official said.
Residents claimed they shouted shockingly on the highway shortly after the vehicles collided. Some dazed passengers and drivers got out of their crashed vehicles with blood on their faces and bruises all over their bodies.
Until Monday morning, the police had no knowledge of any victims. However, officials also said at least four cars were reduced to a jumble of crushed metal because they could barely be recognized.
A search and rescue operation began as soon as the motorway control room was informed of the incident. Ambulances were called. Police sifted through twisted cars for people trapped under the wreckage of their wrecked vehicles.
“All the vehicles were heading towards Jaipur. Many vehicles had registration numbers from Haryana, Delhi and Uttar Pradesh. The guardrails along the service roads were completely destroyed in the accident, ”the official said.
A resident of Mundawar tehsil in Alwar, Dharmendra Choudhary, was one of those injured in the crash. He was returning from Haryana with his wife and two children when a vehicle hit his car. He said his daughter was injured in the crash and there had been complete chaos and confusion on the highway.
Behror SHO Prem Prakash told TOI that the traffic had been diverted from Shahjahanpur due to protests by farmers. He said an FIR was registered in the case and that the police were looking for the driver of the truck.


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