Charges against aggressive I-540 driver “highly unlikely”, says Highway Patrol



RALEIGH, NC (WNCN) – The Highway Patrol said it was working to identify a videotaped driver driving aggressively on Interstate 540 – but soldiers said charges were unlikely.

UPDATE: CASE CLOSED: NC Highway Patrol drops investigation into aggressive I-540 driver caught on camera

The driver who captured the video, who only wanted to be identified as Magnus, said his new Tesla is equipped with eight cameras and captured the aggressive driver on April 6 as he was heading west on the I- 540 near the Six Forks Road exit.

“As they got to the back of my car, they swerved to the left and stopped near the car directly in front of me,” said the affected driver.

He said the aggressive driver then used the right shoulder as a lane to pass other vehicles and nearly caused an accident.

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“What you can’t see in my video is there’s a broken down car in the shoulder, so you might notice there’s a little hesitation and then they jump back.” , did he declare.

Magnus said he hoped sharing the video of the aggressive driver with CBS 17 would help law enforcement find them.

Since CBS 17 released the video last week, the Highway Patrol spoke to Magnus about the incident.

The Highway Patrol said the vehicle in question was from out of state and Magnus was unable to positively identify or describe the driver of the vehicle.

Highway Patrol spokesperson Sgt. Marcus Bethea said Magnus was able to positively identify the driver is essential for legal action to take place.

Bethea said the soldiers would try to locate the owner of the vehicle.

“While not entirely impossible, it is still highly unlikely that charges will be laid on this matter as the driver cannot be identified with certainty by the witness / reporting party,” Bethea said.

Highway patrol officers say to call * HP if you notice unsafe driving.

“If you see dangerous driving, try to get as much descriptive information as possible about the offender, including vehicle make, model, time, color, location and a description of the driver if possible. , and only if it can be done safely, ”Bethea said. .

Bethea said not to chase or chase an unsafe driver.


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