Congressional activists plant banana plants on National Route 169

Congress activists and other residents protested on Sunday against the poor condition of National Road 169, a stretch of road from Parkala to Udupi, and the delay in paying compensation to people whose land had been acquired for the widening of the highway.

Protesters blocked vehicular traffic for a brief period and planted banana plants in some potholes.

Speaking to the protesters, opposition leader in Udupi City Council Ramesh Kanchan said the section of the national road was filled with potholes and caused difficulty for motorists. The residents of Parkala had difficulty walking along the highway.

Holding MP Raghupati Bhat responsible for the poor condition of the highway, Kanchan said urgent measures should be taken to make the highway passable. He said Parkala, where voters have long supported the BJP, continues to be overlooked by the state government for development work. If the neglect continues, they would intensify their protest, he said.

Another protester said that not all people whose land had been acquired for expansion had received compensation. There was a disparity in the way the compensation was established. The state government should fix the issue at the earliest, the protester said.

The widening of the road from Malpe Tirthhalli NH 169A is carried out by the NH division of the State Department of Public Works.

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