Digital road signs to make roads safer



HUDSON VALLEY – If you’ve recently crossed Interstate 84 into the Mid-Hudson Valley, you may have seen new digital road signs appearing over the overhangs.

These new signs, part of a statewide campaign to make freeways safer with up-to-the-minute traffic conditions, have been installed along the freeway as well as the Interstate 86 – the renowned section of Route 17 from New York City west of the region, I -81, I-87 / Northway and I-88.

You may also have noticed high poles along I-84 with inverted domes. These are cameras that are remotely monitored for traffic conditions, accidents, and motorists breaking the law.

As part of this initiative, the State Department of Transportation installed and activated 125 additional cameras and 143 variable message signs.

With the new equipment in place, there are now 1,150 state-run cameras and over 550 message boards connected to DOT transportation management centers, including the one in Hawthorne.

The Thruway Authority has also installed 25 new portable variable management panels ahead of the snow and ice season. The Thruway Authority has 78 permanent digital signs and 120 portable digital signs on its 570 mile network.


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