Highway Patrol releases new information on fatal South Carson crash


CARSON CITY, Nevada (KOLO) – NOV. 23 UPDATE: Highway Patrol investigators have released their preliminary report into the Spooner Junction crash that killed a Dayton couple.

Soldiers say a Ford F-350 Super Duty pickup truck traveling east on the US-50 did not stop at a red light on South Carson Street. The truck was towing a 44-foot yacht and the truck suffered what is described as extreme brake failure.

The yacht and trailer would have weighed around 37,000 pounds, but the truck was designed for a maximum payload of 21,000 pounds.

The truck struck a southbound GMC Sierra 1500 pickup truck on South Carson Street. The collision separated the Ford pickup from the yacht trailer and the boat crossed the intersection a considerable distance.

A Mercedes Benz SUV rolled over the tongue of the yacht’s trailer and caught fire. The trailer then struck a Nissan Xterra. Xterra victim remains in critical condition.

Two people in the GMC Sierra, Tana Powell, 70, were pronounced dead at the scene. Her husband, Don Powell, 74, was pronounced dead at the Renown Regional Medical Center.

Several other vehicles were involved, causing minor injuries.

The driver of the F-350, Roney Gonzalez Otazo, remains in custody at Carson City jail.

Roney was convicted of the felony of reckless driving resulting in death and counts of driving a dangerous vehicle, obstruction, disobeying traffic control, ignoring a traffic light red and without a valid driver’s license.

Rolando Gonzalez Otazo Roney(Carson City Jail)

NOV. 10 UPDATE: Nevada Highway Patrol confirms brake failure is suspected in Tuesday’s fatal crash at Spooner Junction, at the intersection of I-580, S. Carson and Highway 50.

The accident left two dead and nine injured. Three remain in critical condition.

A total of eight vehicles were involved.

The NHP says the driver of a Ford van, Rolando Gonzalez Otazo Roney, has been arrested on several counts. Gonzalez’s truck was pulling a boat.

NHP faces fatal accident involving multiple vehicles at US-50 / I-580 / S. Carson ...
NHP faces a fatal accident involving multiple vehicles at the US-50 / I-580 / S. Carson intersection.(KOLO-TV)

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