How Do Businesses Obtain Florida Logo Signs?


The fast food chains and local fan favorite restaurants advertised at almost every exit on all Florida freeways and the toll highway are more than likely to arouse drivers’ envy.

In fact, about 79% of travelers decide where to stop and eat before exiting the freeway, thanks to these signs.

These “logo signals”, as they are called, are in fact required at the exit ramps according to the a state law of 2009. They are placed approximately 1 mile from the exit to provide drivers with information on nearest gas, food, lodging, camping, attractions and other services available.

It is administered by the Signage program with the Ministry of Transport logo.

But how do they determine which companies can emerge? It is up to Florida Logos, Inc., a statewide company based in Lakeland that has been responsible for the Logo Sign program since 1997.

Local accommodation, restaurants and gas stations within 6 miles of the exit, as well as camping and attractions within 15 miles, may apply on his site.

Priority goes to businesses within a 3 mile radius. If no space is available at the requested exit, the company is placed on a waiting list for future posting.

Companies must meet certain requirements, including opening hours, toilets, access to the public telephone, etc.

The appearance on logo panels has a cost, based on the “average annual daily traffic” of the interchange. Prices range from $ 650 to $ 1,245 per year.

Each company is required to provide four signs, one for each direction and one for each exit. Logo signs are built and maintained by Florida Logos, Inc.

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