Image of red Tomahawk disappears from North Dakota road signs | State and regional



“We do this politically correct bullshit just to be politically correct,” said Ron Martin of Fargo. “This is the really sad part.”


The DOT decided last year to begin the change during the 2016 construction season, Olson said. There were several reasons for this decision, including changing the signs ahead of the department’s centennial, which will be celebrated in 2017, and to mark the significant spending spent on updating North Dakota’s roads in recent years.

Another reason was to help maintain consistency across the country, Olson said.

“A number of different states use their outline or symbol on road signs,” she said.

The US Department of Transportation has a template for state highway signs, which features a circle and the highway number, but states are free to choose the design of the signs.

More than a dozen states, including Minnesota and South Dakota, have an overview of their states on state highway signs, while others feature squares, circles, or other geometric shapes. .

But several states use other symbols on their signs, such as an outline of George Washington for Washington state, the New Mexico sun symbol on its flag, the Wyoming cowboy riding a horse and a beehive for Utah.


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