Katahdin Woods & Waters road signs go up after a long wait


Road signs that will help visitors to visit Katahdin Woods & Waters National Monument are being installed this month after several years of delay.

The signs will be installed along the corridors of Interstate 95 and Route 11 between Medway and Island Falls. The installation began last week, according to a press release from the National Park Service. The entrance to the park is on Swift Brook Road, off Route 11 (Grindstone Road) in Stacyville, between Patten and Millinocket.

A total of 22 signs will be installed in or near Medway, Stacyville, Sherman, Patten and Island Falls. Six of the signs will be on the I-95 corridor and the rest along the Highway 11 corridor in the Katahdin area.

The placement of the signs is the culmination of a three-year effort to get information signs for the monument approved, constructed and installed, and included coordination between the park department, the Maine Department of Transportation and contracts the private sector, according to the press release. The park department calls for tenders for the panels in June and awarded the installation contract.

Installation of the 22 panels is expected to be completed by the end of November and will be ready for the 2020 winter season, the park service said.

The 87,500-acre area east of Baxter State Park was named a national monument in 2016, but at the time, the government. Paul LePage opposed the installation of signs. It relented in April 2018 after US Home Secretary Ryan Zinke said the monument would retain its status after a federal review.

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