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He said officials from the Iowa DOT, the Iowa Economic Development Authority and the State Department of Cultural Affairs had held preliminary discussions to replace the signs, but the discussion was put on hold when the COVID pandemic -19 moved to Iowa about a year ago. At that time, the estimated replacement cost was around $ 275,000, he said.

“We hadn’t even told the governor about it” when the discussion started, Gent said.

Part of last Thursday’s subcommittee discussion focused on the fact that no one present or participating through the Zoom link could say what the current Iowa slogan is – something indicating that Iowa has a uniform brand deficit, noted subcommittee member Senator Mike Klemish, R-Spillville. .

“I find it ironic that no one can say what the slogan is,” he said. “It shows he needs some attention.”

Craig Patterson, a lobbyist for the Travel Federation of Iowa, said the organization supports Senate Case 404, noting that “when people come into the state it’s the face, it’s the first thing. ‘they see is a welcome sign and so I think there should be an effort to improve that and make that face something we’re proud of.

“There are a lot of things that are really outdated and need to be fixed,” Patterson added.

“The previous Iowa state slogan was ‘Fields of Opportunity.’ Our state marketing campaign, launched in 2019, is called “This is Iowa,” said Staci Hupp Ballard, strategic communications manager for the State Economic Development Authority and the Financial Authority of the United States. ‘Iowa.

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