Le Jour – New motorway signs, exit numbers planned for routes 2 and 11


New road signs and exit numbers will soon be visible along Route 2 through Colchester, Norwich, Bozrah and Lebanon and Route 11 through Colchester and Salem.

The project, which is expected to be completed by May of next year, will include the replacement of access and exit signs; large overhead guide panels; kilometer markers; gore exit signs; speed limit signs; and merge the signs, the department said.

The panels will only be replaced if they are “past their useful life,” meaning they are damaged, have low reflectivity, or do not meet state and federal standards, the department said.

To comply with federal standards, the exit sign numbers will change from the current sequential numbering to a mileage-based numbering that represents the milestone at which the exit is located on the route. For at least two years, “old exit numbers” will be displayed next to new mileage exit signs as drivers familiarize themselves with the new numbers, the department said.

On Route 11 north and south, Exit 5 Meadow Road will become Exit 13 and Exit 6 Hayward Road will become Exit 17.

On Route 2, over 30 exits will change, including Exit 17 to Colchester eastbound with exit 22 and exit 22 to Liban eastbound and westbound with exit 31.

Visit the state’s DOT website, portal.ct.gov/dot, for a complete list of output changes.

Anyone interested in obtaining more information on the changes should send an email to Supervising Engineer Barry Schilling at [email protected], referring to project number 0172-0490.

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