Missouri Highway Signs Have Jokes: A Look Behind Sometimes Sassy Safety Messages Metro


The old standby safety messages could be lost on drivers, the department management decided, so the new team was formed to create more eye-catching signs.

Since then, the posts have changed weekly, including seasonal posts like “Buckle Up.” Drive carefully. Love Mom ”, for Mother’s Day.

They even comment on big movies or pop culture events. At the premiere of the last Star Wars movie, for example, the signs echoed Darth Vader’s line: “I find your lack of seat belt disturbing.”

Missouri was one of the first states, along with Iowa and Massachusetts, to begin licensing creative with its message boards, but recently other states have replicated the effort, Horn said.

Many brands across the country play on the local culture.

In Texas we would say, “Are you using your turn signal?” It would be a lot cooler if you did, ”channeling Texan Matthew McConaughey in“ Dazed and Confused ”.

And in Arizona, the department used “Drinking and driving go together like peas and guac.”

Most Missouri road sign yet? Probably “Camp in the Ozarks not in the left lane,” Horn said.

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