Missouri State Highway Patrol to implement “Operation PROTECT” on April 26, 2021


Colonel Eric T. Olson, Superintendent of the Missouri State Highway Patrol, wishes to raise public awareness of the projects for the application of Operation PROTECT (Patrol Response Operation To Enforcement of Construction zone Traffic) scheduled for Monday, April 26, 2021 and Wednesday, April 28, 2021. The projects are part of a joint effort with the Missouri Department of Transportation (MODOT) to raise awareness about safe work areas.

“Last year in Missouri, 27 people died and 661 others were injured in accidents in a construction zone,” said Col. Olson. “Speed ​​limits are lower in construction areas and the roadway can be narrowed to accommodate construction. This leaves less room for drivers to react if the vehicles in front slow down or stop suddenly. Please stay alert, obey the posted speed limit, and watch for changes in traffic patterns. Let’s make the work areas safer for our road workers as well as for others who move around the area.

Operation PROTECT coincides with National Work Area Safety Week, April 26-30, 2021, and is scheduled for the following locations:

Operation PROTECT identifies and prioritizes construction / work areas with critical issues or affecting road safety through complaints from the public, road / construction workers, law enforcement and emergency responders. emergency, and takes into account recent accident statistics. In addition, a zero tolerance enforcement policy has been established for the operation as well as the routine enforcement of construction zones focusing on traffic violations, such as speeding, tracking too close, other dangerous travel and commercial motor vehicle violations.

This zero tolerance policy directs soldiers to take appropriate action for all traffic violations observed in construction / work areas by issuing uniform citations or warnings.

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