National road-161 is in urgent need of repair


Heavy rains in recent months may have been a blessing for farmers, but they have damaged many roads in several parts of the district.

Sangareddy’s 35km Nanded Akola road which is part of National Highway-161 is in ruins and commuters growl and moan as they travel the stretch.

The road from Shivampet to Pulkal mandal to beyond Andol-Jogipet, the constituency seat represented by journalist-turned-deputy Ch. Kranthi Kiran, was severely damaged. District collector Mr. Hanumantha Rao recently had a travel nightmare when he had to travel to Jogipet to participate in a clean-up campaign on October 2. And this is what road users have experienced every day since the onset of the monsoon.

“The road is about 35 km from Sangareddy. Heavy vehicles bound for Nanded and other places circulate on this road. You have to be an excellent driver to get around the section. At night, many people have minor accidents because they do not measure the depth of potholes on the road. We have no idea when the road will be fixed, ”said N. Krishna, a rickshaw driver.

“The section from Shivampet to Jogipet is riddled with potholes and it must be restarted immediately if major accidents are to be avoided,” said Ganga Joginath, a resident and social activist. The Hindu.

We learn that the National Highway Authority of India (NHAI) will soon launch a call for tenders for the repair of all roads. Once the bids were finalized, repair work would be undertaken. But it would take a few more months for commuters to travel safely on the road.

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