NC State Highway Patrol leading “Operation Stop Arm”


NEWTON, North Carolina (WBTV) – Approximately 14,100 school buses operate on North Carolina’s freeways daily. On average, they transport 794,950 children to and from school. Most motorists passing school buses will stop as required by North Carolina law. However, nearly 3,000 motorists ignore the guns at school bus stops every day in North Carolina.

To promote road safety around schools, school buses and school bus stops, the State Highway Patrol will conduct Operation Stop Arm during the week of October 18-22 in conjunction with National School Bus Safety Week. .

Soldiers will participate by patrolling school zones, conducting ‘Follow a School Bus’ activities and aggressively enforcing general status violations of NC 20-217 (a) overtaking a stopped school bus while the bus displays its mechanical stop signal or flashing red lights and the bus is stopped for the purpose of receiving or unloading passengers.

When motorists must stop for a stopped school bus:

  • Two-lane road – All traffic in both directions must stop
  • Two lanes with one turning lane in the center – All traffic in both directions must stop
  • Four-lane road – All traffic in both directions must stop
  • Four-lane road with a median – Only traffic following the bus should stop
  • Four or more lanes with a central turning lane – Only traffic following the bus should stop

Overtaking a stopped school bus is a Class 1 offense. If convicted, a person will receive five points on their driver’s license and can be fined up to $ 500. Passing a stopped school bus is a Class I felony if the driver strikes an individual and a Class H felony if the violation results in death. For more information regarding school bus safety and illegal passing, please visit the Ministry of Public Instruction School Bus Safety website at

Enforcement projects like this aim to raise awareness and achieve voluntary compliance from the automotive public.

The mission of the North Carolina State Highway Patrol is to promote excellence in law enforcement by committing to safe and efficient traffic, crime reduction, and response to natural hazards and threats of human origin. This will be accomplished through government and community partnerships and on the basis of our core values ​​of loyalty, integrity and professionalism.

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