North Dakota Highway Patrol Responds to Numerous Ice-Storm Accidents


On Saturday, November 13, 2021, the North Dakota Highway Patrol responded to several traffic events on I-94 stretching from Richardton to Crystal Springs.

The rain combined with the cold temperatures caused extremely freezing conditions for the traveling public. The areas concerned were:

  • Richardton area: 3 accidents investigated (2 jacketed semi-trailers and 1 overturned passenger car), numerous cars, vans and utility vehicles stopped on all eastbound lanes of Highway. Traffic was blocked for approximately 2 miles for vehicles that could not move on icy roads.
  • New Salem / Sweet Briar Lake area: 1 semi / car accident investigated, 3 semi-trailers stuck in ditch, 2 stuck on roadway, many cars, pickup trucks and commercial utility vehicles stopped on the carriageway, traffic was slowed approximately 2 miles west of New Salem in the westbound lanes and receded approximately 2 miles from the Sweet Briar exit in the eastbound lanes for vehicles that could not not move on the icy road.
  • Steele / Crystal Springs area: 4 commercial vehicle accidents, 4 semi-trailers stuck in the ditch and had to be towed. Jackknife semi-trailers completely blocked the westbound lanes near Crystal Springs for approximately 2.5 hours. The complete closure and other partial blockages led to traffic on the roadway being stopped until the scenes could be cleared.

The North Dakota Highway Patrol was assisted by the ND Department of Transportation, the Stark County Sheriff’s Department, the Morton County Sheriff’s Department, and the Kidder County Sheriff’s Department.


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