Ohio State Highway Patrol ATV Driver Arrested



BROOKLYN, Ohio (WJW) – The FOX 8 I-Team has discovered video showing a state soldier breaking a jumper in a pack of off-road motorcycles and ATVs, sparking a growing investigation.

Ohio State Highway Patrol said the arrested man had a gun. It’s the kind of arrest that many viewers believe should happen more.

The patrol’s arrest came on Sunday in Brooklyn, the same day hundreds of illegal dirt bikes and ATVs took to the streets of Cleveland. Neighborhood cameras even filmed the runners firing shots.

In the video, a state soldier sees off-road motorcycles and ATVs. As he follows him, he sees a four-wheeled vehicle crash with a pickup truck, so the soldier did more than write a report.

He chased a runner, fired his Taser, and made an arrest. During the arrest, the patrol said the soldier discovered the suspect was carrying a gun.

Meanwhile, in Cleveland, police did nothing to stop the long line of runners from blocking traffic and terrorizing people. City officials have been ordered not to prosecute off-road motorcycles.

On Sunday, a special police unit targeting off-road motorcycles was nowhere to be found.

While this outraged many taxpayers, it also prompted the Cuyahoga County District Attorney to speak out.

Prosecutor Michael O’Malley wondered if the Cleveland Police would crack down, what about the Highway Patrol or the Sheriff’s Department?

“I contacted the state. I contacted the governor’s office. We need more highway patrol officers. They [the dirt bikes] has taken over a freeway within our community, ”said O’Malley.

In fact, dozens and dozens of off-road motorcycles have taken over I-90 near East 55th Street.

Will we see other agencies crack down on dirt bikes? The county says the sheriff’s department has no plans to do so. The county says the sheriff doesn’t have the resources to help him, but the Highway Patrol may say.

Sgt. Ray Santiago released the following statement:

“Our priority is the safety of those we serve. The Patrol takes pride in assisting our security service partners upon request and is dependent on the availability of resources. These requests are considered for approval and action is taken only after an operational plan is collaboratively developed by the sponsoring agencies.

Any traffic violation or danger to the automotive public that occurs in our core areas of expertise is handled in accordance with division policy and procedure. “

Cleveland Heights Police also arrested a runner – a Detroit man on Sunday.

The soldiers said the biker arrested during their arrest was also injured in a previous accident.

Now charges have been filed for the gun. Further charges could be laid since this suspect already has a conviction for a firearms case on his record.


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