PM will not lay the foundation stone for a national road project where there is an ongoing litigation | India News



NEW DELHI: The Prime Minister will not lay the foundation stone for a national highway project where there is an ongoing dispute, the PMO informed the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways. In an internal communication to all departments, the ministry said the prime minister can only lay the groundwork if there is land available and permissions from all relevant agencies.
It is for the first time that such an official directive comes from the PMO specifying the conditions of the projects to be proposed for the laying of the foundations by the PM. According to the circular, the relevant agencies will be required to ensure that funding from multilateral agencies such as the World Bank or JICA for projects is finalized in advance that are funded by these entities.
Recently, during his interaction with the Council of Ministers, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that the government’s goal is to complete the work without delay. “The standards have now been established that agencies must obtain the certificates of no objection (NOC) and the necessary authorizations so that there is no delay in execution,” said an official.
Earlier on October 26, 2016, Prime Minister Narendra Modi told Center secretaries and chief secretaries that he would not lay the foundation stone for any infrastructure project until he was ready to take off with all clearances and that there would be a required land with the relevant agencies. He had made this observation during the monthly meeting of PRAGATI by taking stock of the slowness of the extension of the Delhi-Meerut highway.


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