Racehorse flees rider and runs on highway before being rescued from burning barn



Racehorse Bold and Bossy running on a Kentucky highway after throwing his rider (Cullen Stanley)

A racehorse threw down his rider, then ran along a Kentucky highway for 30 minutes – hours before he was embroiled in yet another tragedy when the stable he was in caught fire.

Bold and Bossy, a two-year-old filly, threw jockey Miguel Mena at Ellis Park in Henderson on Saturday, then crossed a dike and headed for US 41. The horse ran along the freeway in the middle. of traffic for half an hour, with race coaches and staff, and law enforcement, chasing.

Owner Michael Ann Ewing said because the horse was wearing blinders he could only see straight ahead and kept running.

He told the Washington post: “Just by the grace of God, she was not touched. Thank goodness she was not injured or caused serious injury or death to anyone else. “

Bold and Bossy suffered from dehydration, cramps and cuts during the hunt, but were given up to 30 liters of fluids and were sedated by a veterinarian who had joined the hunt.

However, the horse’s dramatic weekend was not over. He was taken to the Ellis Park reception barn to recuperate, only to have the barn burn down at 5 a.m. on Sunday morning.

The horse, along with six other horses, was rescued from the fire. Nonetheless, Bold and Bossy had burns to their necks and withers – the ridge between their shoulder blades – according to their owner. She was treated at Rood & Riddle Equine Hospital in Lexington, Kentucky.

“They’re testing his lungs and putting more fluids on him and they’re going to assess the burns. It’s really hard to say how bad they are going to be. You could see dimpling under the cream, ”said Mr. Ewing The Washington Post.

Mr Ewing said the entire trip left Bold and Bossy calm, saying she was probably exhausted from running on the freeway and the fire.

He said the horse would recover for a few days. After that, his team will re-evaluate the next steps.

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