Ready or Not, It Happens – San Angelo’s First Interstate Highway

WASHINGTON, DC – After six years of efforts by the I-14/Gulf Coast Coalition, the Interstate 14 corridor is about to be expanded to cross five states.

This includes an essential extension of the I-14 route west to San Angelo and Midland-Odessa, as well as the creation of interstate links to the Port of Corpus Christi, the Port of Houston, the ports of Beaumont and Port Arthur and the Port of Gulfport.

“I am thrilled to be part of a visionary effort to improve transportation and freight mobility not just for our community, but for all of Texas,” said Tom Green County Judge Steve Floyd. “San Angelo and Tom Green County have a long history of advocating for our region to be part of the National Interstate Highway System. This will allow for incremental improvements along the corridor that support economic, military, security initiatives and mobility. Thank you to the contributions of our community and multi-state partners for this historic designation.

Congress has finally approved the Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill and the Congressional designation extension I-14 will become law with President Biden’s upcoming signature.

“Transportation options for economic development are essential,” said Mayor Brenda Gunter. “Without interstate options, we lose our ability to get food, fuel, and fiber to market in a timely, economical, and safe manner. This transportation option helps ensure our national security, which is vital in the world we live in today.

Thank you to all Coalition members and all friends of I-14 for your help in getting to this moment. And a special thank you to Senators Cruz and Warnock, and their staff, for incorporating our I-14 amendment into the bipartisan infrastructure bill.

“It has been a privilege to serve alongside Judge Floyd on the I-14 Gulf Coast Strategic Highway Coalition as the City of San Angelo Representative and as the Central West Texas Regional Representative to the Transportation Advocates of Texas,” said Guy Andrews, City of San Angelo Economic Development Manager. “The city and county have worked tirelessly for years to advance recognition of the I-14 corridor and move it through legislative processes. I-14 is scheduled to intersect I-27 in San Angelo, which is a real game-changer for our ability to attract business and industry to San Angelo, Tom Green County and the Concho Valley.

The new law specifies that I-14 will generally follow SH 158, US 87, US 190, and SH 63 through Texas; LA 8, LA 28, and US 84 through Louisiana; US 84 in Mississippi; US 80 through Alabama; and US 80, SR 49, SR 24, and US 1 through Georgia. Interstate spurs will generally follow US 83, US 69, and US 96 in Texas and I-59 and US 49 in Mississippi.

The next steps for coalition members and Friends of I-14 will be to work with each of the five state transportation departments on final route selection, environmental clearance, project selection priorities and funding.

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