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On June 12, the first of two signs was unveiled which designates Nebraska 22 as the “Pawnee Scouts Memorial Highway”. Pictured (L to R): Andrea Tweety Bowen, James Kindig, Vicky LeadingFox (hidden), Adrian Spottedhorsechief, Pat LeadingFox, Todd Vetter, Matt Reed, Robert Adson, Tim Jim, Micah Jim, Herb Adson, Morgan LittleSun, Kim Adson and the child is Cody LittleSun.


PAUL HAMMEL Omaha World-Herald

Decades ago, Pawnee Indian scouts patrolled the Plains, guarding against belligerents seeking to invade the Pawnee villages along the Platte and Loup rivers.

Earlier this month, part of Nebraska 22, between Genoa and Fullerton, was designated to commemorate the work of Native American warriors.

Two signs were inaugurated on June 12, marking the roadway as the “Pawnee Scouts Memorial Highway”.

The signs commemorate the scouts who protected the Pawnee villages located in this region and then worked as scouts for the Union Pacific Railroad and US Army teams.

The designation was promoted by the Genoa US Indian School Foundation and supported by the Pawnee Nation, the City of Genoa, and the Nance County Council. The Nebraska Highway Commission unanimously approved the designation in December.

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“It is truly a part of our history which should not be forgotten but which should not be forgotten,” State Highway Commissioner James Kindig said at the opening in Genoa. “What better location than this beautiful valley where the site of the Pawnee Reservation Village was located from 1857 to 1875.”


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