SC Highway Patrol reports busy roads and increased number of officers throughout summer


COLUMBIA, SC (WIS) – The 4th of July weekend marks the midpoint of the deadly 100 days of summer in which SC Highway Patrol reports an increase in traffic accidents and fatalities due to an increase in the number of travelers on the roads.

This Independence Day weekend comes just after the SC Department of Public Safety announced an increase in the number of officers and a new line of marked and unmarked patrol cars that took to the roads this weekend.

Private Brian Lee believes the increased law enforcement presence has already had a positive impact on driver awareness over the weekend.

“I talked to someone awhile ago and they said, ‘Dude, I went to Atlanta, and I was on I-20, someone was pulling over both or three miles east and west, “I mean, so I think it makes a difference,” Lee said.

Lee says the purpose of an increased patrol presence is to crack down on distracted, impaired and dangerous drivers. He says increased traffic during the summer months and on holidays can make drivers frustrated and aggressive towards other drivers.

Private Tyler Tidwell offers tips for safe driving.

“Reduce your speed, we want you to come alive and know that the faster you go, the faster things happen. Also, limit distractions. I know a lot of people were using Snapchat and TikTok these days, but it can wait, ”Tidwell said. “We want you to focus all of your attention on the roads. Last but not least, don’t drive drunk. There are so many options out there. Uber, Lyft, Taxi, you can call the tow truck or have a friend drive you.

Lee says the main goal of Highway Patrol is to reduce the number of road fatalities. He says the Highway Patrol is there to enforce the law and help drivers.

“Anytime someone was broken down by the side of the road, a flat tire ran out of gas, whatever it was. We’re here to try to help do all we can to make the trip so convenient. and as easy as possible for people, ”said Lee.

If you are traveling and need assistance, Highway Patrol instructs you to dial * HP to reach Highway Patrol or to call 911 for assistance.

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