Tennessee Highway Patrol hires over 100 new state soldiers (interviews and photos)



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The Tennessee Highway Patrol is hiring more than 100 state troops in the weeks and months to come …

It was THP Colonel Matt Perry.

Reports say they are looking to fill many positions, which begin with the same basic training program, similar to the military bootcamp. Captain Shane Stafford spoke to WGNS about the early days of training …

As for what to expect once you become a State Trooper – – Sgt. Andrew Perez has said that drugs on the highway are one of the problems officers face during a traffic stop

Of course, drug trafficking is just one crime soldiers see on the roads of Tennessee day after day.

Soldiers also save lives as they are often the first responders at the scene of accidents, fires and more.

To take the first step to becoming a Tennessee State Trooper, visit TN.gov/safety and complete an application today.


SEIZURE A VEHICLE: Did you know that a person’s vehicle can be seized in Tennessee – if that person is convicted of drunk driving and gets caught driving with a driver’s license revoked twice or more? But, one of the problems with seizing a vehicle is that the majority of drivers do not own a vehicle that is reimbursed. In other words, if a vehicle is financed and money is owed on the car or truck, it is not as easy as seizing the vehicle because the bank still has rights to that vehicle.

PROTECT THE GOVERNOR: The THP is responsible for the details of protecting the Governor of Tennessee, the First Lady, the Attorney General, and the Speaker of the House, to name a few. Additionally, when a senior government official from another state visits Tennessee, the THP coordinates that individual’s protection with visiting state police.

CRIMINAL INVESTIGATIONS: The mission of the Criminal Investigation Division of the THP is to investigate, gather evidence, and assist federal, state and local law enforcement agencies, upon request. The THP is investigating cases of theft of boats, planes, cars, trucks and cutting shops. The THP also investigates odometer fraud, insurance fraud and more.

SPECIAL OPERATIONS: There is a full aviation unit within the THP which is responsible for all air support and any other aviation related responsibilities that assist the Department of Safety and Homeland Security and other agencies. public security. The unit uses its fleet of helicopters for criminal and non-criminal search, winch rescue, tactical operations, stolen vehicle tracking, marijuana eradication, and other tasks. The helicopters are equipped with various types of equipment, including direct-view infrared (FLIR) cameras, searchlights, LoJack receivers and the Downlink system. THP helicopters also oversee missions involving the eradication of marijuana, which is a problem in Tennessee.


So far this year there have been 802 fatal accidents in TN, as of August 12, 2021. During this same period (January 1, 2020 to August 12, 2020) last year, there were 672 accidents deadly. The number was lower last year, due to the onset of the COVID pandemic, which has resulted in fewer motorists on the roads.

Listen to WGNS’s interview with the TN Highway Patrol on WGNSradio.com today.

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