Tennessee Highway Patrol releases dashcam footage from Knoxville shooting in 2020



The Tennessee Highway Patrol released dashcam footage from last summer showing a murderous chase and shooting that left a man suspected of committing a murder in Florida.

The chase and subsequent shooting took place on a freeway in Knoxville, eastern Tennessee on July 14, 2020. The suspect has been identified as Christian Ramos Murillo, 32, a man with multiple aliases.

He was wanted for murder in North Lauderdale, Florida, after deputies from the Broward Sheriff’s Office responded to reports of a shooting in the early hours of July 14 last year.

Investigators say Murillo went to a nearby house after the shooting where he stole a gun and ammunition. He then escaped in a green Chevrolet Tahoe, WBIR reported at the time.

Law enforcement officials tracked the vehicle and issued a so-called BOLO alert (be on the lookout) to other police departments.

A Tennessee Highway Patrol officer saw the vehicle around 7 p.m. that evening and attempted to conduct a traffic check.

When the suspect refused to stop, a chase began involving several soldiers and assistants. The freeway chase ended in a shootout after one of the officers managed to spin the suspect’s car.

WBIR reported than a 21-year-old man in the passenger seat for the 12-hour trip from Florida to Tennessee was taken to hospital for treatment for his injuries.


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