Tennessee Highway Patrol won’t say if they’ll respond to Memphis request for interstate enforcement



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MEMPHIS, Tenn. – Interstate shootings are emerging as one of the most talked about law enforcement topics in the Memphis area, but even though Memphis Police say they need more help, but the Tennessee Highway Patrol has given no indication as to whether or not it will fulfill the request.

The Memphis Police Department has made its position clear – in response to a record number of interstate shootings, they are assigning as many officers as possible to keep drivers safe, but they need the Tennessee Highway Patrol back-up.

“The state needs to do more to conduct execution operations inside the city of Memphis,” MPD director Michael Rallings said over a week ago.

But since Rallings launched this challenge, THP hasn’t made anyone available for an interview, despite many requests.

They sent WREG a general statement on Tuesday evening, which read in part:

“The Tennessee Highway Patrol has maintained and will continue to maintain high visibility across Tennessee, including the freeways in Memphis. “

Max Maxwell, a driving instructor with law enforcement training, says both agencies work to keep freeways safe, but agrees with Rallings’ claim that the MPD presents additional challenges .

“Memphis Police have a personnel problem right now. They just don’t have enough officers, and posting those officers is very difficult to do, ”said Maxwell.

With 31 interstate shootings to date in 2021, Memphis is poised to break the previous record set last year.

“This number of shootings is a difficult thing to manage,” said Maxwell. “This is the worst I have ever seen.”

MPD did not respond to THP’s statement on Wednesday afternoon.


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