The speed limit on the national road will probably be increased by 20 km / h



Speed ​​limit on the national road
If implemented, the new speed limit for vehicles on highways would be 140 km / h

Increasing the speed limit on India’s national highways could dramatically reduce travel time

Soon the speed limit on national highways in India could be increased by 20 km / h.

Recently, the Minister held a meeting with officials from the Ministry of Road Transport and reviewed the speed limits applied on Indian highways.

In a tweet, Gadkari said: “Reviewed the speed limits of vehicles on national roads and highways with reference to the design speed and provisions of the Motor Vehicle Law in the presence of officials from the Ministry of Transport roads and highways. “

As it stands, the maximum speed limit for vehicles falling under category M1 on national roads is 100 km / h (4-lane roads with a median) and on motorways is 120 km / h .

India still has a long way to go to improve road safety

The Union minister also called on officials to ensure that uniform speed limits are enforced on certain sections and to ban frequent changes of speed limits. This even applies to short stretches.

While the Union Ministry notifies speed limits, state police and other agencies can change the notified speed limit on roads under their jurisdiction.

These different speed limits (from state to state) and the insufficient number of signs displaying the authorized speed limit have exacerbated the road safety problem in India.



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