Truck driver drives into California Highway Patrol car near Bay Bridge


A tow truck driver on the wrong track crashed into a California Highway Patrol vehicle near the Bay Bridge tollgate on Sunday, authorities said.

Oakland CHP said it responded around 4:08 p.m. to a report from a man inside a tow truck who was not cooperating with authorities. The driver was parked in the traffic lanes towards the bridge and authorities tried to get him off the freeway or proceed safely, but he “refused to talk to anyone” and “didn’t even go down. not his window, ”according to CHP Officer David Arias.

The man then took off and drove in the wrong direction on I-580 to Hwy 24 before descending to the toll, according to CHP. He “intentionally rammed” an unoccupied CHP patrol vehicle, which an officer had parked on the highway as he attempted to deploy a crampon strip, officials said. The driver attempted to crash into another patrol vehicle, but the officer avoided the crash, authorities said.

He drove in the wrong direction again and crashed into an SUV and came to a stop, officials said. The driver of the SUV was not injured and CHP was able to stop the driver of the truck.

The suspect was taken to hospital with minor injuries and a CHP officer also suffered minor injuries after taking the man into custody.

Information on the suspect was not immediately disclosed.

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