VDOT Using Road Signs To Send Messages About COVID-19



Starting this week, anyone driving along freeways and major highways in Virginia can see a new message from VDOT: Tell them to stay home.

Gov. Ralph Northam announced the initiative during one of his regular press briefings earlier this week, and the Virginia Department of Transportation said on Wednesday that their changing message boards, which often alert people to accidents and other delays to come, will be used to send a message about public health and safety.

“We all have a responsibility to change our behaviors and stop the spread of this virus,” Transportation Secretary Shannon Valentine said. “We are focused on sharing critical information with people on the road during this health crisis.”

Throughout Virginia’s state of emergency due to COVID-19, the VDOT will use the signs to display health safety messages.

They say this matches the guidelines in their road signs, designed to share information about safety, traffic impacts and emergency messages.

If you drive, you can expect to see COVID-19 messages statewide in the next few weeks.

Along with state partners, the VDOT says it is closely monitoring the impacts of coronaviruses and is taking action to minimize risk to agency employees and travelers in Virginia.

For more information on VDOT’s response to COVID-19, you can visit



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